abortion là gì

We have made several attempts lớn meet the governor but all effort proved abortive.

When they noticed that all their efforts lớn persuade bu otherwise proved abortive, they left bu alone.

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But an attempt lớn get him proved abortive as his mobile was switched off when Hotline was placed on it last night.

Their aim was lớn promote a spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp, after abortive attempts lớn find coal had uncovered two springs.

And it leaves open the possibility of an abortive drug taken by another route -- by mouth -- being administered by a physician.

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Is it acceptable lớn abort pre-born children when they can live outside the womb?

We gathered the candidates together, and with their agreement, the elections were aborted.

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That was my opinion even before (the first trial was aborted).

Girls conceived in families that already have a daughter, experience steeply higher probabilities of being aborted or of dying in early childhood.

There are indications that on that bare threat international flights had been canceled and locally, many engagements have been aborted.