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Thus, the same phonetic features are represented in accents and tones.

They tried lớn mimic the accent of those who taught them.

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Because most nonnative speakers will have a noticeable accent with or without instruction, should pronunciation be taught?

Of the 48 participants, 27 showed a larger accent effect for unfocussed kêu ca for focussed targets and 21 showed the reverse (a nonsignificant difference).

Given that accent and intelligibility are related but partially independent dimensions, it seems reasonable lớn explore the nature of the relationship between the two.

This study has highlighted the importance of examining the processing of accent-related variability in children with speech difficulties.

In other cases, the text/accent relationship is somewhat more complex.

For the purposes of this article, this task is referred lớn as an accent auditory lexical decision task.

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However, since only pitch is involved, it is clear that the abstract accent is nothing but 'an indication of pitch'.

The comparatively narrow accent range of pitch elevations throughout the period of study confirmed these physiological, linguistic, and developmental expectations.

Another result has been the increase of multi-voicedness in market discourse - a greater number of accents, dialects, and ethnic minority languages.

Reliability coefficients (standardized alpha) of 0.95 and 0.94 were calculated for the accent and perceived comprehensibility ratings, respectively.

Can children with speech difficulties process an unfamiliar accent?

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It is suggested that such phonetic responses are related lớn the younger children's failure lớn map the unfamiliar accent onto their own phonological representations.

These output-based studies provide some grounds for hypothesizing that there may be age-related differences in children's input processing of unfamiliar accents.

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