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Both authors advocate an eclectic mix of quantitative survey and qualitative interviews for the study of current rural labour transformations.

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It advocates a new, more (patient) protective model which should generate confidence in the ethical character of contemporary innovatory practices.

Thus, divided government can serve the interests of moderate voters, particularly in periods when political parties advocate extreme policies.

Heuvel stresses he was a misfit, opposing the dominant trend and then, when what he advocated acquired power, turning against it as it became corrupt.

Some advocates of reform stressed the desirability of adding new subjects to tướng the curriculum, including modern sciences.

Authentication is thus useful for getting out of the bind of essentialism in which advocates of the desire paradigm are trapped.

Some advocated performing with a mask, others performing with an expressionless or mask-like face.

The model that advocates for separated bilingual lexicons would tài khoản for such cross-language differences.

Several commentators advocate moderation on the grounds that a scientific approach must secure itself against premature generalizations.

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It should be noted that this variable can be somewhat influenced by the activity of advocates.

Popular music policy advocates can look to tướng existing models of public administration as well as critical development theories to tướng enhance the opportunities for interventionary initiatives.

In short, a prioritarian will always find an egalitarian who advocates the same social ranking.

But as both their advocates and enemies noted, these unions appeared exceedingly weak by the mid-1950s.

She has advocated an expansion of courses in demography at the university level and also the introduction of elementary demography at the high school level.

The advocates of lighthouse reform were thus not merely attacking corruption, they were attacking the very existence of private property in a public service.

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