animal nghĩa là gì

The word has been extended vĩ đại refer vĩ đại the impression of the general characteristics of other animals or plants.

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Runners must maintain control of their animals at all times.

Beliefs and practices were associated with certain animals, and many centered on hunting.

From here on is the territory of man, which are a great danger vĩ đại animals such as you.

In 1998, the second series was released, this time featuring 50 new animals.

According vĩ đại vankmajer, the film will combine dark comedy, grotesque, classic horror genre, and both animation and feature acting.

She wanted vĩ đại experiment with different truyền thông media and animation practices that would make for a psychedelic and eerie mood.

In this way, she entered the animation world not attempting vĩ đại secure a career, but vĩ đại make art for art's sake.

His innovative ideas envisaged the possibility of animation in today's world.

Canada's capital was a natural choice for an international animation festival.

Fans of various comics and anime rushed vĩ đại the spot vĩ đại catch glimpses of their favourite characters.

After all, stock photos of pigeons layered over anime backgrounds isn't exactly mainstream fare.

In the mid- '90s, organizers added an anime exhibit vĩ đại the show.

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It isn't the best anime comedy we've seen, but it is still a spot of fun vĩ đại watch.

Skip vĩ đại the next section vĩ đại avoid major spoilers about the ending of this anime.

We know these animals feed high-up in the food chain and many had lived a long time.

No matter how sick slithering animals make you feel, you need vĩ đại braze yourself up for this remarkable discovery.

Animals that are raised on factory farms seldom have the chance vĩ đại fully extend their limbs during their shockingly truncated lifetimes.

Fin whales are the second largest animals on earth, after the xanh rớt whale.

Though not for the faint-hearted, it's an unavoidable part of the process and every effort is made vĩ đại treat the animals humanely.

The officers of forest department and animal husbandry department were also summoned.

It is likely that they knew how vĩ đại handle the sheep, which would mean they had knowledge of animal husbandry.

Here we plan vĩ đại lập cập a centre for people who want vĩ đại learn rural skills and animal husbandry.

We should incorporate technology and scientific practics in farming and animal husbandry vĩ đại increase production.

Officials said many people were calling up the helpline being monitored by the animal husbandry department.

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