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The only area of weakness that I ever noted in his / her performance was...

Điều có một không hai nhưng mà tôi suy nghĩ cậu ấy / cô ấy hoàn toàn có thể tiến thủ cỗ rộng lớn là...

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But I am looking vĩ đại improve in this / these area/s.

Một (số) điểm yếu kém của tôi là... Nhưng tôi luôn luôn nỗ lực không ngừng nghỉ nhằm xử lý những mặt mày giới hạn này.

What is going vĩ đại be built in this area in the future?

Những gì sẽ tiến hành thiết kế bên trên khu vực này vô tương lai?

My area of expertise is…

Chuyên ngành của tôi là...

Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

Some areas continued vĩ đại be mined up until the 1960s.

Being heavily farmed, the area did not become suburbanised until the late 1950s.

The area of the district is 1633 km2.

This area has been studied in a number of trials since the early 1990s.

This provided a much enlarged view of the central area of the film frame.

The freekick was given after he was fouled in front of the penalty area.

Maybe the người hâm mộ in the red hat racing into the penalty area thought about helping it home?

The 20-year-old has a knack for finding space in the opposition penalty area, expertly timing his runs vĩ đại get behind the last defender.

Once the rain stopped normal service was resumed as he commanded his penalty area and looked confident on crosses.

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He has great creativity but also power around the penalty area.

Investigators say that whoever carried out the crime is likely vĩ đại be a trained marksman, and vĩ đại know the local area extremely well.

These visitors are new customers vĩ đại the county and a real boost for the local area.

About 40 per cent of all fires in the province this season have been in the local area.

Do you really know if that property is comparable if you don't know the local area?

It can only be good for the local area.

A thorough analysis of terrain reveals that obstacles were present in the safety area, with many trees exceeding the permitted height limit (mostly about 1011 m).

The neighborhoods are separated by safety areas vĩ đại make for easier construction and evacuation in case of an emergency.

Construction vĩ đại provide this runway safety area began at the kết thúc of the summer of 2009.

I can either let him know it's a good safety area... or it might not be a good idea vĩ đại go through it.

Its 300-meter runway-end safety area at both ends is compliant with international safety standards, he added.

It even has a sprawling flat area that looks lượt thích a heart!

It will take up most of the flat area used particularly by older and disabled people, children playing, and people gathering vĩ đại socialise.

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It's not as fast as an airplane, but its proponents say it's greener, can fly for days at a time, and can land and take off from any flat area.

The footprint is nearly 2000 square metre per unit, this makes it suitable for almost any location with a moderately flat area.

He continued vĩ đại hunt and came vĩ đại a flat area, where he made a cup of tea.