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They are late, and the remaining cyborgs assimilate vĩ đại khuông a hideous flower-like monstrosity which lassos the marionettes.

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Some of the 20th century depictions of the "maja" became somewhat assimilated vĩ đại the flamenco dancer ("la bailaora").

Britain assimilated a large population with an ease that few countries have matched.

Displaying ceramics with specific decorations (incised and impressed), the culture was assimilated by the autochthonous background.

She has the ability vĩ đại assimilate with other living plants or animals.

The process of assimilation could produce a wide variety of transitional stages.

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The period from 1843 vĩ đại 1871 was one of assimilation.

Other types, notably the dinoflagellates, may produce harmful algal blooms, or red tides, that are less readily available for assimilation into the foodweb.

To facilitate this assimilation, they were given food, housing, and clothing.

Assimilation of these three with other phonemes is also dealt here.

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