assortment là gì

The survey asked these workers a broad assortment of questions to lớn gauge their understanding and appreciation of their employer-sponsored retirement plans.

A wide assortment of clubs, taverns, and coffeehouses partially filled this gap.

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Secondary assortment may explain some of the observed concordance because we were unable to lớn assess all potential risk factors.

They were fed with banana, papaya and raisins, and an assortment of water-containing articles was kept in the cage.

The most transparent example is provided by the assortment of comments pertaining to lớn the use of a combinatorial auction.

This case shows the existence of currency assortment where the local rate of exchange was one standard coin against four current ones.

The book marshals an array of innovative methods to lớn address a remarkable assortment of demographic issues.

He writes about an astonishing range of subjects using a remarkable assortment of sources.

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While a wide assortment of organisms cause acute diarrhoea, the occurrence of cholera signifies serious levels of contamination of water.

Postings of officers in each district should be so sánh made as to lớn have proportionate assortment from all communities.

Prior to lớn the 1860s, an assortment of other papers appeared and disappeared in rapid succession.

It is commonly assumed that inter-chromosomal recombination (independent assortment) can counter these phenomena, but this has been studied only for the genetic load case.

In addition, they found changes in the expression of an assortment of genes that are active in the embryo.

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Figure 1 shows an assortment of examples of classical and non-classical representations.

There is a good assortment of health related products besides medicines.

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