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What assurance can we have that silence will save innocent lives?

The court provided all assurances of a fair trial through a team of 17 defense attorneys selected by the defendants.

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Simply altering course until a change in bearing (obtained by compass sighting) occurs, will provide some assurance of avoidance of collision.

Yet, where an assurance concerns rights over property, a variant proprietary estoppel does allow a claimant lớn plead estoppel as a cause of action.

Typically, such classification indicates an assurance of quality and distinctiveness which is primarily derived from a defined geographical region.

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In this way dealing with smaller systems can assure less error work probability, less system analysis.

The limitations made it necessary lớn tìm kiếm for cheaper therapies, assuring quick effectiveness and stabilization of the patient going through a very high-risk situation.

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They were assured they would be treated as prisoners of war.

Sam tells her that he loves her and assures her that he will catch her, which he does.

Specification-based testing may be necessary lớn assure correct functionality, but it is insufficient lớn guard against complex or high-risk situations.