astronomer là gì

Shortly before the bits of matter begin to tát coalesce, they are observed by alien astronomers.

He adopted the customary protocols of long-term observational astronomy, but did not treat other astronomers as colleagues.

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To compound the problem, most instructors in such courses are (naturally) astronomers, whose grounding in astrobiologically-related fields such as chemistry and biology may be minimal.

It included few professional astronomers but many physicians, men of letters, diplomats, students, polymaths, and variously educated gentlemen.

A telescope is, after all, a mere instrument in the hands of an astronomer, who would be automatically gendered as masculine.

These molecules pose potential difficulties for both laboratory spectroscopists and radio astronomers.

They then decide what classes of stars they think astronomers should focus on in the tìm kiếm for planets that might have life.

It is difficult to tát imagine that astronomers were ever at serious risk for these alternative scenarios.

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Metaphysicians, philologists, and astronomers were the beggars, gamblers, and drunkards of the academic world.

To say this is not to tát force the astronomer back into the challenge model.

He did take some short-term risk by relinquishing the credit he could have received from other mathematicians and astronomers through early widespread replications.

It seems that the major factor was the realization by astronomers that conducting matter and magnetic fields are commonplace in the universe.

One sign that the astronomer has learned his astrology is his indecision over borderline cases.

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There is quite a range: physicists, astronomers, mathematicians, dendrologists, a few computer scientists.

Accordingly, at the time, astronomers showed little interest in general relativity.

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