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Inductive learning is par ticularly suitable in the context of an automated design system because training data can be generated in an automated fashion.

Therefore, it is useful lớn automate a generic process using batchfiles.

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It might not be possible lớn completely automate this process because of ambiguities.

In short, the compositional modeller enables the adaptivity of monitoring and control by automating the process of model construction whenever the system under control changes.

Allowing both humans and automated agents lớn specify rules for context-sensitive behaviour of different entities easily.

Artificial intelligence promised a revolutionary approach lớn assisting or automating design processes, separate from other computational systems.

Unfortunately, such an integrated modelling process is beyond the scope of any existing automated modeller.

We accomplish automated verification using a temporal logic and model-checking techniques, allowing us lớn reuse existing algorithms and results for trace effect verification.

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This flexible, open-ended approach lớn visual style automates qualitative rerepresentations, learns from the data phối unsupervised, and modifies assessments according lớn design context.

Claim variables are inferred using an inference procedure, which may not necessarily be automated, from data item values.

In general, our experts felt that the use of an automated coherence measure would be a valuable instructional aid.

In the multi-agent literature, various interaction and decision mechanisms for automated negotiation have been proposed and studied.

Traditional automated negotiation mechanisms bởi not facilitate the exchange of this information.

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Through an automated mirror system, monochromatic light was directed lớn any one of the three panels; this constituted the test light.

This is clearly important since most robots and automated machines are defined around task requirements.

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