bed linen là gì

I propose lớn tax for the first time bed linen, blankets and towels.

He would have been the first lớn talk about towels, bed linen and blankets.

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To be able lớn recognize scents, see my own things and smell my own towels and bed linen-the feeling of being at home page is positive.

Expenditure by hospitals on bed linen only is not available.

Secondly, nurses should be không tính tiền from the duty of counting dirty bed linen and the soiled clothing of patients.

Their requirements in bed linen and personal linen are wholly different lớn those of the rest of us.

Imports of bed linen in 1981 amounted lớn 1,001 tonnes, but the quota in 1983 is 2,737 tonnes.

The output of bed linen is maintained at the highest level possible after taking into tài khoản other essential needs.

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They had lớn go lớn two other hospitals lớn get bed linen.

Some so-called hotels did not even provide food, and, although full khách sạn services were charged for, the residents had lớn wash their own bed linen.

The businesses affected are involved in the production of toiletries, handbags, folding decorative cartons, lithographs, bed linen and lead acid batteries.

Year after year these old folk are wearing out their clothes, their bed linen and their bedsteads.

Dockets cannot be given, however, in cases where they can, for the time being, have the use of bed linen belonging lớn the household.

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Six groups of hospital officers have been formed lớn consider many of the textile goods used in hospitals including bed linen, uniforms, clothing and mattresses.

Bed linen, a microwave oven, a television receiver and a đoạn Clip recorder.

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