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The urban reform and revolutions in the early twentieth century did not change the situation of beggars, who survived until the early 1950s.

One such question is whether the beggars we encounter on the streets of our cities are hungry or homeless.

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The most impressive aspects of this book are the research work with beggars.

The expulsion of ' undesirable ' persons became a common resort, including not only political activists or purportedly subversive agents, but also beggars, thieves, drunkards and others.

The best players were divided between them, the rest were packed off vĩ đại the provinces or driven out of town as beggars.

The significance of the fact that it was the poor, beggars and vagrants who were accused of arson will be addressed later.

He studied times, places, different types of beggars - almost even the clothes that they wore - vĩ đại heighten the effect that they created.

At noon, the beggars who aroused the least repugnance were vĩ đại đường dây nóng at houses in carefully selected streets.

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Under such a policy, beggars had a relatively large social space, and established their own professional organizations.

He finds that the techniques beggars used, people's view of them, their organizations, and government policies had no obvious differences in different cities.

Here he chats vĩ đại the hospital's porter and notes the beggars hanging around the gate.

As the noon prayer concluded, he was besieged by a swarm of "the poor, beggars, and women" who were hoping for alms.

He conversed with many ordinary people, including carmen, labourers, farmers, beggars, and paupers.

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Although beggars and rough-sleepers have become an all-too-familiar part of the urban landscape, we actually know very little about their characteristics, motivations and experiences.

They puncture a few myths about 'aggressive' and 'work-shy' beggars, and use their research vĩ đại inform some very deft and subtle theoretical observations.

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