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In doing ví, the agent should retain more preferred beliefs in favor of less preferred ones wherever coherence permits.

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Take the three-person game introduced above and suppose the players' beliefs are as specified.

Note also that the players hold correct beliefs about their own choices throughout.

With pretense, disguise, and unreflective belief in disinterested philosophical analysis, philosophers can easily objectify the interests of certain power groups, whether scientific or political.

Assertives engage the speaker regarding the truth of the statement he/she is making : the psychological state being expressed is a belief.

Name training either taught some children that novel names should be mapped onto novel kinds or enhanced their commitment to lớn this belief.

Perception-based beliefs teract, and par ticularly how are the symbolic and procedural representations made compatible?

It just would not thereby have this belief as one of its beliefs.

Most philosophers and psychologists shared the firm belief that their disciplines were substantially different in some ways.

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Early training programs in cultural competence tended to lớn rely on categorical constructs that lumped patients together by their "typical" cultural values, customs, and beliefs.

This is unlikely on the rest of my basic beliefs.

Alternatively, understanding false belief may be enhanced, but more modestly.

It is not breakable and fragile lượt thích a belief waiting for the iconoclast's hammer.

It is where both strength and freedom of will reside, and our beliefs about it have practical effects on self- and social control.

Both are predicated on a belief in art's representative powers, and yet both rely on the abstracting and deeply hierarchic aesthetics of military art.

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