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The representation of sow biology also needs to tát take into tài khoản the random nature of the biological processes.

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Moreover, molecular biology has taught us that superficial similarities in morphology can hide important differences in molecular architecture and biochemistry.

How did the students learn what 'essay' meant in that biology class?

The genetic analysis of these age-dependent phenotypes, termed growth trajectories, has long been of interest to tát students in different disciplines of biology and genetics.

Similarly, experts in molecular biology who possess a patient-driven focus may well help develop the next generation of intracellular therapeutic targets.

At this moment, it still seems unclear whether synthetic biology will lead to tát new insights into the basic cell regulating mechanism.

Rather, the well-informed person of the final years of the twentieth century is expected to tát know how to tát argue from biology.

Study of the effect of food on the biology of insects is important in understanding host suitability of plant-infesting insect species.

The biology of these parasites may explain these behavioural differences.

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It seems that there is something different in ecology from the stuff that seemed 'factual' in the basic biology stuff.

If biology is separated from physics, there is no longer continuity between brain and environment, just coupling.

According to tát the traditional hierarchy of the sciences, psychology is far separated from physics and mathematics by the intervening sciences of chemistry, biology, and neurophysiology.

Molecular biology, physics, statistics, and economics come to tát mind.

Handbook of the biology of aging, sixth edition.

The question remains whether the processing of the fungal material in 1997 influenced the biology and/or trapping-efficacy of the fungus under laboratory conditions.

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