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This is, as the back cover blurb proclaims, an 'eclectic collection'.

The title, introduction and back cover ' ' blurb ' ' all speak lớn eco-criticism and urban studies in general.

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Although compliments such as these can arouse suspicion among high-brow readers, they are not meant as blurbs for the back cover.

There is a word absent from the title, and not mentioned in the blurb on the cover.

The blurb compares the footnote lớn the toilet - something ignored until needed lớn khuyến mãi with ugly tasks.

Can this be an example of the 'unsurpassed knowledge of the major figures in contemporary architecture' the publishers' blurb refers to?

No book of this brevity can live up lớn all the claims of its blurb.

Their synergy with other paratextual elements (blurb, preface and dedication) should be explored.

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Any students who take the cover blurb literally and make this a one-stop volume are destined for a 2.2-degree at best.

Another sentence in the back cover blurb is more revealing.

The blurb emphasizes '200fieldsof knowledge' checked with many consultants and specialists.

The blurb on the book is very misleading in this respect.

Paratextual traces - the blurb, back cover, inside cover, notes and title - are part of the marketing process.

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The contributions encapsulate the enormous diversity in this field, and thus the book does indeed provide ' essential knowledge about the study of language variation and change ' (cover blurb).

Third, according lớn the blurb on the back cover there are over 1,300 entries.

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