boring nghĩa là gì

Use of a boring head increases the mass of the tool holder and decreases the distance.

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Movies have taken their place, and modern fiction seems đồ sộ be in this rut of the coming-of-age story, which is getting really boring.

The original tunnels were out of line ví that when boring was done from either kết thúc they did not meet in the centre.

The results are intriguing, occasionally frustrating, rarely boring.

Additionally, when speaking rapidly, "anna" aina "and similar changes are common." tsu "tu"; for example "tsumaran" (boring) "tumaran".

They can bore through anything from hard rock đồ sộ sand.

Note the tidal bore takes place during the flood tide and never during the ebb tide.

There are standards for boring too, you know!

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The reverse bore the gilt relief inscription 1830 also surrounded by a golden disc.

The hall had large windows which may have detracted from the building's defensive capability, although it has been postulated that casements bore large wooden shutters.

I'd be bored đồ sộ death not working.

I could be bored đồ sộ death!

Chances are we'll be bored đồ sộ death.

If she wasn't here, we would all be bored đồ sộ death.

The words historical thesaurus may send children running đồ sộ the hills, for fear they're likely đồ sộ be bored đồ sộ death by some fellow with a monocle.

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