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The visual system works under assumptions about light bouncing off surfaces, boundaries revealing shapes and volumes, and the lượt thích.

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A wave-like pattern then becomes established downwind of the mountain range, with the air ' bouncing ' between the surface and the stable layer above.

Objects inside the bucket were bounced by moving the bracelet up and down.

If the e-mail bounces, the experimenter should exclude this subject from the data mix, as they probably used a nhái identity.

The dispute bounces around various institutions, with no definitive resolution.

Moreover, labor supply is decreasing until age 77, but then it bounces up.

A common strategy for attempting to lớn soothe a crying baby is to lớn repeat, sore, sore, as the child is patted or bounced up and down.

Small traps received fewer seeds per area, however area affects were not evident when bouncing effects were controlled for.

Figure 1 shows the behavior of the waves on a flat surface, where most of the energy bouncing off the flat surface enters the waveguide.

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Further, the toy object's bouncing motion stopped as soon as the puppet's motion stopped.

Natural recovery is the most popular pathway for households bouncing back to lớn normality after a seasonally induced crisis.

During the verses, the pedal bounces between octaves.

However, there should be some idle time after each arriving message to lớn mask key bounces.

Ambient illumination models the reflection of ambient light, which arrives at the object after being bounced in multiple reflections from the objects of the scene.

To model the bouncing motion of the yo-yo it is essential to lớn observe the up and down motion.

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