bouquet là gì

I would not wish my speech to tướng be all bouquets, and should lượt thích to tướng make just one final comment.

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We are accustomed to tướng exchanges of this kind of bouquets.

I bởi not wish to tướng introduce an incongruous note into this discussion, in which mutual bouquets have been awarded, except to tướng ask one question.

The first of my five charges, after having given all the bouquets and the credits, is that clearly the results are disappointing.

We often get comments of a reverse kind and it is just as well that when we get some bouquets, we should record the fact.

A colleague of mine who was a florist making up wreaths and bouquets was exempt from selective employment tax.

I bởi not think that he deserves any bouquets.

We all know that it is not a subject on which one is likely to tướng receive bouquets from the grateful.

Why should we reserve all our bouquets for those who are no longer in need of them?

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He is continually serving out bouquets or insults to tướng this one or that one, just as it pleases his high majesty.

On the other hand, should any bouquets perhaps be wafted in this direction they will be received with due humility and gratitude.

I thought we had better wait to tướng see whether congratulations were deserved before we started issuing the bouquets.

He appears to tướng be able to tướng hand out bouquets when his colleagues are throwing brick-bats.

I hope that he does not mind accepting bouquets, and that they bởi not embarrass him if they come from these quarters.

I have never received ví many bouquets from ví many unexpected quarters.

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