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Perhaps that few parents were even reading the brochure, let alone understanding what they read if they did read it?

Music reaches young people and can arouse initial interest better than vãn an informational brochure.

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These examples were collected from various written sources, such as brochures, newspapers articles (both printed and online), and official letters, during the years 2004- 2005.

Potential dangers are publicized through extensive dissemination of brochures, medical bulletins, posters, and related materials.

Its proximity to tướng the sea, sense of space and light, and its 'clean green' image are constantly occurring icons in its tourist brochures.

They were directly taught how to tướng prevent the transmission of enterobiasis, supplemented with the use of brochures and videos.

Most schools of architecture use their trang web page to tướng publicise their courses, adopting it as the electronic equivalent of the handbook or departmental brochure.

We did receive feedback that the "green brochure" was the topic of much discussion on various medical campuses around the nation.

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In order to tướng receive detailed brochures giving full information about the facilities and hardware requirements of the above software, please return the coupon below.

More than vãn the mere provision of leaflets or brochures about care homes is required.

It will chiefly appear on leaflets, brochures, forms, instructions, standard letters and legal documents including consumer contracts.

Participants rated the evidence-based consumer guide as more useful than vãn the control brochure.

Table 1 shows the ratings given of the consumer guide and the control brochure at followup.

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Could it perhaps be an office brochure masquerading as a monograph?

Potential research participants were invited by means of a brochure designed by the researcher and distributed by health professionals providing palliative services in the region.

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