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Figure 3 shows that the buyout protects the consumption of the originally entitled people, on average.

In many cases, leveraged buyouts, often structured by the entrepreneur and top managers, were the ultimate customers.

Further, institutions have explored various options vĩ đại influence tenured faculty vĩ đại forgo their tenured position by providing buyouts, phased retirement, and other arrangements.

The voluntary transfer vĩ đại a local housing association —one that emerges from a local authority—is akin vĩ đại a management buyout.

A fund of £1 million is available vĩ đại assist management and employee buyout teams in meeting the costs of employing consultants and other professional advisers.

It is more politically acceptable vĩ đại have a management buyout with railway experience and employee participation.

Those bidders believe that the management buyout had the hid sewn up from an early date.

I have mentioned that management-employee buyouts are a means by which we wish vĩ đại see employees participating in the future of their own companies.

I think that it is not enough merely vĩ đại give management assistance in the buyout.

We are concerned that solvent companies that seek vĩ đại wind up their schemes must now guarantee the full buyout of pension rights for members.

The requirements for a full buyout are extremely tough indeed.

It may, in some instances, be possible vĩ đại have management by buyouts.

When will he introduce legislation vĩ đại ensure that management buyouts can take place and control can pass vĩ đại the employees of municipal bus operators?

Takeovers, mergers, management buyouts and company failures all affect the labour market.

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It therefore wanted the management buyout team vĩ đại lead the field and operate the company while it sat in as a sleeping partner and travelled up the learning curve.

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