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The line is instead more of a gnomon or sundial/calendar, meant vĩ đại mark the solstice and equinoxes.

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It uses proprietary technology vĩ đại provide musicians and their business teams with a central location for calendars, finances, gigs and inventory.

Contacts and calendars may be synced from these services as well.

His posted calendars are for past dates only.

They are the only pair of men vĩ đại have ever finished four consecutive calendar years at the top.

They can also learn how ancillary information lượt thích weather, season, lunar calendar, etc, affect their behaviour or mood.

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My grandparents from very early on emphasized the importance of interaction of the sun, moon and the lunar calendar.

By comparing lunar calendar dates and significant local events, he managed vĩ đại identify about half of the children from the original trial.

It is a holiday vĩ đại celebrate the first full moon of the year according vĩ đại the lunar calendar.

He is allowed vĩ đại receive guests from 7pm vĩ đại 10.30pm on the first and 15th day of each lunar calendar month as well.

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