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Campaign disbursements are a proxy for the power and extent of a candidate's message.

The underlying incentives stemmed from the candidates' tìm kiếm for the personal vote, essential for retaining public office.

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We then specify a phối of theoretically grounded decision rules that adjust candidates' potential advertising strategies lớn the actual context of each state.

They are the frontrunning candidates for vaccine antigens.

I cannot think of any other plausible candidates.

Two local control law candidates for the stance-ankle roll joint were compared.

Strong candidates of ten have more education and have one f oot in their communities, but one f oot out.

Let us discuss some individual candidates lớn tư vấn this conclusion.

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However, this approach does not extend lớn other cases such as [bblbntorel], where losing candidates such as *[bblnbtorel] have the same number of closed syllables.

The candidates for paradigm-uniformity constraints are full paradigms.

The appropriate competition is among the stressed syllables in different candidates.

The correctness of the constraint ranking in (26) is further supported when more elaborate candidates are taken into tài khoản.

The scales in (4) are not constraints - they cannot interact with other constraints in evaluating candidates.

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Each group, such as (a)-(d), contains a phối of candidates that compete with one another, holding main-stress location and foot type constant.

Since all four of these candidates only violate constraints from below the cut-off, it is predicted that all four are possible outputs.

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