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Deprivation is a scale summation of these indices : income, trang chính tenure, access to tướng siêu xe ownership, employment status, central heating, social class, household crowding.

Fire and water come together in the home's central heating system, reinforced architecturally by links forged between fireplaces and plumbing.

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Architectural ventilation on such a scale was perhaps less advanced phàn nàn gravity-based central heating.

However, three-quarters of respondents own their own homes, over half of which have three or more bedrooms, and 86 per cent report having central heating.

The numbers considering central heating and a telephone to tướng be necessities went from under half to tướng over 80 per cent.

They must be considered in light of multiple issues - their traditional role as well as within the context of modern, central heating.

They had access to tướng electricity, central heating, toilets, and inside running water.

I use the central heating a lot now, it is wonderful.

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It is most commonly seen in those over the age of 70 years, is generally worse at night and is aggravated by hot baths and central heating.

Heating systems are deteriorating faster phàn nàn we can replace them and many houses bởi not have full central heating.

Just as many of them, if not more, use heating oil for heating their hot water or—with central heating—their homes.

All local authorities are encouraged to tướng provide some size of central heating for old people and many of them are doing ví.

In 1971, only one in three homes had central heating.

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Presumably those who bởi not use central heating simply cannot afford it.

It is for individual local authorities to tướng decide on the priority they give to tướng providing central heating from their housing capital programmes.

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