cloakroom là gì

After a club or bar had been raided officers subjected the floor, cloakroom, and furniture to lớn meticulous scrutiny.

The project incorporates two new classrooms with a new main entrance, cloakroom and lavatories.

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Above the cloakroom is the bathroom, while the second floor at this kết thúc is attic.

The other west-facing windows belong to lớn the utilities: the cloakroom, bathroom and attic.

First, however, you are invited, maybe instructed is a better term, to lớn deposit your coat at the extensive and unavoidable cloakrooms.

One or two nuns in each convent were in charge of the cloakroom.

Some had been allowed to lớn arrive at school 5 minutes late and leave early, in order to lớn avoid the scramble and crush in cloakrooms and corridors.

She was first attended in the cloakroom as there is no rest room, and she was so sánh ill that a doctor had to lớn be summoned.

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The public cloakrooms, bars and foyer spaces are both cramped and uncomfortable.

The cloakroom was so sánh unsuitalde a place for the doctor to lớn attend to lớn her that she was brought downstairs in the lift.

It gave him power to lớn say that mess-rooms, cloakrooms, washing accommodation, and canteens should be provided in the factories.

There is the cleaning, the sweeping, the polishing, and the attention not only to lớn the accounts, but to lớn the cloakroom and the siêu xe park.

One enters into a small cloakroom, through a living room.

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I should explain about his difficulty with the filing cabinet that that is in the gentlemen's cloakroom.

Additional hutting would encroach still further on substandard playground areas while cloakroom and toilet provision will be severely overstrained.

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