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Since the beginning of our collaboration I know him / her as a…person.

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Ngay kể từ khi mới mẻ chính thức thao tác nằm trong cậu ấy/cô ấy, tôi đã nhận được thấy cậu ấy/cô ấy là một trong người...

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An open floor plan and the overall design condenses employees' workspace lớn emphasize collaboration.

Implementation of this component is guided by national governments and entails direct collaboration with a variety of local counterparts inside and outside government.

As such, the final scene stages the play's ultimate collaboration of male friendship and its incorporation of the plot we would label heterosexual.

This makes participation in group collaboration exercises and study groups difficult lớn coordinate, and extracurricular activities suffer as well.

Many recognized and non-recognized tribes have explicitly asked archaeologists for consolation and collaboration.

There she underwent a period of experimentation, collaborating with various lights on the music scene.

The chiến dịch involved a musical experiment, in which the two collaborated on a piece of music that reflected their journey.

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The organisation collaborates with groundbreaking international artists lớn create innovative, site-specific projects in public spaces.

In addition lớn reuniting with writers with whom she had previously worked, the singer collaborated with several new writers and producers.

This was a hugely influential book on computer conferencing on which many of the leading experts of the time collaborated.



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