collaborative là gì

This allows us vĩ đại explore the agent roles required vĩ đại tư vấn collaborative, multidisciplinary design in a simple reasoning setting.

From the sociotechnical viewpoint, technical decisions, social interaction, and conflict management are the three essential components in the collaborative design process.

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It is thus not too early vĩ đại contemplate other such collaborative efforts.

Everyone is dependent on everyone else vĩ đại produce sound resulting in a truly collaborative situation.

While these collaborative types often overlap, at times they may also reflect different phases of researcher involvement.

The studies reviewed exemplify the process of mediation and the effects of differing mediation tools on the collaborative activity.

Instead, we decided vĩ đại draw on our own collaborative experiences with the ' aging and society ' paradigm.

This collaborative study demonstrated that the existing system could not save a disabled tanker from grounding under certain conditions.

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Important contributions vĩ đại the answer may possibly come from future collaborative research involving psychologists and linguists.

However, in an earlier stage vĩ đại collaborative approaches, the user modeling community provided a different answer, namely the stereotype approach.

This is so sánh, whether that work is seen, variously, as responsive, pro-active, collaborative and experimental or as eccentric, tangental and obscure.

When discussing possible collaborative strategies, participants suggested exchanging experiences on local reconciliation, and attuning human rights advocacy.

That making art in a collaborative environment can contribute vĩ đại social and personal development, concentration, intellectual skills, self-esteem and promote social cohesion is self-evident.

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But decisions about repertory, about instrumental accompaniments, even about how vĩ đại promote a group, were intended vĩ đại make a success out of a collaborative effort.

This is the target of collaborative applications (groupware), project management and workflow solutions, messaging services and, more recently, social network applications.

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