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The two should not be mixed: introduction and elimination rules for a connective should rely solely on judgmental concepts and not on other connectives.

The increased stiffness of connective tissue confers protective strength on weakened muscles but the loss of elastic recoil decreases the efficiency of gait.

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Well-formed formulae of the constraint sets are built from atomic formulae with the standard logical connectives and quantifiers.

For the prompt condition, linear trends were significant for all categories except negative qualifiers and causal connectives.

Influence of maturation and aging on mechanical and biochemical properties of connective tissue in rats.

During early regrowth only a few axons entered an otherwise complete connective-tissue bridge.

After certain verbs, such as say, think and show, the connective that is sometimes not grammatically obligatory.

In terms of, with terms generalized to tát create a vague all-purpose connective, is currently popular, and frequently criticized.

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We use the connective to tát define enumeration types and case distinction on those types (in particular, a conditional test with boolean type).

These extracellular coating materials could be considered as connective tissue, having a supportive or suspensory role.

This is written out in the size of introduction rules for logical connectives, which allow us to tát conclude when propositions are true.

Rule-based patterns are composed of a number of primitive patterns (antecedents) connected together with logical connectives that imply, if true, the target class (consequent).

Assertions comprise the usual connectives of classical multi-sorted firstorder logic.

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Lattice-based extensions of binary connectives to tát fuzzy connectives are presented.

The majority of plerocercoids were found in the femoral muscle or subcutaneous connective tissues of the hind limb.

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