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Inclusion criteria were applied independently by two reviewers, and in case of disagreement, a consensus was reached.

The regulations that stem from the consensus ensure a peer-review scientific process sánh that the science is as good as any system can guarantee.

All of the other parties either did not believe in consensus, or they were unsure.

The scientific consensus is that a stock is vulnerable, and that catch limits should be reduced.

Second, it tells us that our intuitions about what would make a political consensus possible are on the right track.

There was also a consensus that the subject could not be taught successfully by non-specialists without tư vấn.

A consensus has emerged that sound management of health care systems makes a significant contribution to tát the international competitiveness of a country.

Ritual communication produces what it is assumed to tát portray, recreating the world by symbolic action, reinscribing the communication's participants within a world sustained by consensus.

A consensus among physicians that lean was healthy only developed after insurance companies began promulgating ideal body-weight tables (the first appeared in 1912).

This variable controls for the effect of the degree of consensus in a given period on the propensity of groups to tát vote together.

At the outset of the 1990s, there was remarkable consensus within the business community as to tát what kind of political economy it wanted.

The lack of systematic age monitoring appeared to tát reflect an unofficial consensus which placed age at the bottom of the equality agenda.

There is a consensus in previous literature about the "oral" nature of e-mail.

However, consensus data often provide critical feedback on the feasibility of the proposed recommendations.

In consensus development, generally speaking, groups of experts are brought together to tát assess technology and make recommendations concerning implementation.

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Các cụm kể từ với consensus

Các kể từ thông thường được dùng cùng theo với consensus.

Bấm vào một trong những cụm kể từ nhằm coi tăng những ví dụ của cụm kể từ cơ.

broad consensus

However, on the question about the 'right to tát work ', there is a broad consensus amongst liberals.

clear consensus

But, there is no clear consensus on the importance of these interactions at larger scales.

consensus conference

However, patient organizations were involved in preparations for the consensus conference on cochlear implants in 1993.

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Bản dịch của consensus

vô giờ đồng hồ Trung Quốc (Phồn thể)

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一致的意見, 共識…

vô giờ đồng hồ Trung Quốc (Giản thể)

一致的意见, 共识…

vô giờ đồng hồ Tây Ban Nha


vô giờ đồng hồ Bồ Đào Nha


vô giờ đồng hồ Việt

sự đồng lòng…

trong những ngôn từ khác

vô giờ đồng hồ Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ

vô giờ đồng hồ Pháp

in Dutch

vô giờ đồng hồ Séc

vô giờ đồng hồ Đan Mạch

vô giờ đồng hồ Indonesia

vô giờ đồng hồ Thái

vô giờ đồng hồ Ba Lan

vô giờ đồng hồ Malay

vô giờ đồng hồ Đức

vô giờ đồng hồ Na Uy

in Ukrainian

vô giờ đồng hồ Nga

ortak mutabakat, genel görüş, oy birliği…

almindelig enighed, almindelig opfattelse…


alminnelig enighet, gjengs oppfatning…

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одностайність, консенсус…

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