cooperation là gì

Many of the state's needs may be met best through regional cooperation, which is discouraged by annexation issues.

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Activities such as catching large fish and hunting large game animals with specialized tools connote increased group-wide cooperation and more elaborate social organization.

The pact entails training, technical and scientific cooperation in the military.

It is time to tát encourage and develop cooperation among churches, which will prove to tát be a genuine blueprint for greater unity on all fronts.

Aboriginal leaders saw the accord as a step forward, as it involved a process of cooperation and consultation that brought all parties to tát the table.

The central agency is planning to tát take a legal course against the officer for his non-cooperation, it's alleged.

Both sides blamed each other for non-cooperation and inability of each side.

It means that we must abandon the method of civil disobedience, non-cooperation and satyagraha.

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This strategy combines a willingness to tát cooperate with a determination to tát punish non-cooperation.

The main reason for this is the non-cooperation shown by the trang chủ ministry.

Sadly, the locks refused to tát cooperate with us in this challenge.

She said, adding that the company would cooperate with the police investigation.

So they did not fully cooperate with the investigation.

Again he asked police to tát cooperate with the investigation.

We arrested some staff members but released them after they swore to tát cooperate with us.

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