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Thus, a first step requires organizational and technical tư vấn vĩ đại scavenging activity through the formation of cooperative societies or micro-enterprises.

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And at the more abstract level of utility, assume that the symbolic utility of being cooperative is +3.

As the cooperatives favoured vertical groupings, their presence made it easier vĩ đại carry out this task.

This is important for cooperative robotics, swarm robotics or any time two sonar equipped mobile robots need vĩ đại pass near each other.

The project arose out of a community led approach with all members of a housing cooperative contributing vĩ đại the design process.

Recently, however, researchers have noted a new idealization of the cooperative, emotionally expressive discourse styles popularly (if not always accurately) associated with women.

But tự they feel a 'sense of community' expressed in a 'cooperative identity'?

If there were some doubts at the outset, however, they seem vĩ đại have evaporated once farmers appreciated the advantages of cooperative arrangements.

From the early 1890s onwards, however, there was an explosive growth which resulted in credit cooperatives being much more evenly spread throughout the state.

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Staphylococcal alpha-toxin: formation of the heptameric pore is partially cooperative and proceeds through multiple intermediate stages.

The behavioral descriptors included a child who was: cooperative, a leader, shy, disruptive, and a fighter.

It is now changing itself into a producers' cooperative.

Awareness of cultural variation and bias and cooperative efforts vĩ đại develop and administer culturally appropriate assessment tools are the foundation of effective, valid treatment programmes.

The initiating agent should be able vĩ đại handle delayed messages robustly during a cooperative tìm kiếm.

He had normally cooperative character and was kind vĩ đại others.

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