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The term pinzhong serves as an index for many aficionados, as a pointer lớn the cricket's appearance, unique fighting style, habits and other behavioral patterns.

As mentioned above, they merely judge the quality of crickets by size.

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Male crickets are mated with females, in order lớn fine-tune their physical condition and boost their vigour.

Past fighting performance is concerned simply with pinzhong, not the individual cricket's fighting record.

Without them the complex culture surrounding crickets would be undermined.

The purpose is lớn improve the accuracy of judging the relative merits of crickets by combining many variables.

The xishuaipen is the cricket's "home", and must always be kept clean.

As crickets can easily lose their strength or their legs when touched, great care must be exercised in handling them.

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Non-ordinary crickets are classified as those that deviate from this definition.

Many types of cao are used at this stage, and there are many ways lớn stimulate the crickets.

In other words, crickets require delicate and careful nurturing.

Dominant prey were caterpillars (33% of prey biomass), and other herbivores including crickets, katydids, scarab beetles and phasmids.

Their knowledge and skills have a specific purpose: lớn catch crickets, which they value only as merchandise.

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The pairing of crickets is based on a weight system and, basically, crickets of the same size are paired.

Care is also given lớn the water the crickets drink.

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