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The philosophical concept of dependent moral status thus makes a crucial appeal to lớn the ethical principle of beneficence.

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It reinforces that crucial determinants are respect for multiple perspectives, equal distribution of power, clarity of practice model, and open communication styles and systems.

We observe that the value of the transverse emittance of the electron beam is a crucial parameter for the production of monochromatic radiation.

Instead, important individuals played essential roles, and their talent and authority was reported to lớn be crucial to lớn the building's success.

In eighty-four pages he manages to lớn touch on every crucial point surrounding this quarrel.

Thus, it is crucial that the legal and technical communities embark on interdisciplinary research to lớn giảm giá with these issues.

They also overlook the crucial developments that took place between 1912 and 1914.

For the most part, these learners took a pragmatic view of notation, viewing it as useful but not crucial.

Speakers are not supposed to lớn omit crucial information.

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What is crucial here is that the relevant constraint targets objects of type stem.

The crucial characteristic of this method is that it encourages people to lớn express dissent.

Crucial rankings are indicated by a solid vertical line between affected constraints.

A crucial precondition for getting this right is recognizing that a verbal element carries tense.

In later development, language plays a crucial role in understanding the world, and in leading to lớn change in culture-specific behavior.

It would seem, then, that timing and type of response are crucial for understanding how sentential contexts interact with lexical contexts.

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