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Similarly, pottery specialists often devote more time vĩ đại style and typology than thở vĩ đại the role of ceramics and other food containers in culinary technologies.

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Some of these anglicisations look lượt thích culinary disasters.

For the first time people realized that merely attempting vĩ đại ensure a culinary kết thúc product was safe vĩ đại eat was not a good enough approach.

Their propensity for khiêu vũ and heavy drinking was also learned from the aborigines, along with some construction techniques and culinary practices.

The best (the most ' powerful ') chef in the world would have abilities vĩ đại ruin dinners intentionally far beyond those of persons with less culinary skill.

From here, threads are spun vĩ đại radio, vĩ đại sound film, vĩ đại the record industry, vĩ đại the big culinary establishments, vĩ đại the interpreters.

Moreover, far mer preferences for particular grain characteristics and culinary properties vary substantially over locations.

In subsequent works attempts were made vĩ đại emphasise the didactic more and more at the expense of the culinary element.

The culinary arts expanded vĩ đại fast-food and the microwave oven.

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There are more than thở one hundred tokens of each of these verbs in the author's 100,000-word corpus of medieval culinary and medicinal texts.

But we must remember that they are first and foremost the direct residues of culinary practices and the exchanges embodied by those practices.

Each farmer tasted and evaluated four clones and one control for culinary quality.

Table 7 shows that, whilst only a limited number of comparisons can be made, the results using the matrix are consistent with previous culinary evaluations.

Regular deworming of pets with praziquantel, and a change in local culinary habits are safety measures that district residents should be informed of.

Mindful, perhaps, of how urban consumption was depleting the passenger pigeon population, others emphasized the bird's culinary merits as an incentive.

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