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The ' contents ' runs to tướng fifteen pages of subject headings: these include descriptions of localities, philological discussions, accounts of curiosities, geological analysis, and medicinal recipes.

Appropriately enough, both the monstrosities and the curiosities, both the unhappy and the happy couples are put on display, in a kind of freak show or curio cabinet, respectively.

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They used, by means of skilfully putting these animals together, to tướng make curiosities.

To my mind it is the right place, for some of them are decided curiosities.

There are other examples of irregularities and curiosities in the report.

Let us have computers by all means but books too, and books not as curiosities from a former age.

I am afraid that today most people still look upon museums as collections of curiosities and the staff as mainly people who look after them.

We may have imported some goods, but in the main they were curiosities.

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The museum of political curiosities is full of international organisations that were perfect but perished because they tried to tướng vì thế too much.

To-day, however, there are processes operated and gases emitted by industry which, if known, were at best chemical curiosities forty-five years ago.

One of the curiosities of accounting techniques is depreciation.

They remained curiosities in geological museums until 1957 and 1958.

If that fairyland of a pier is one of our architectual curiosities, it is surely one of our architectural wonders.

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We can only regard those opinions as psychological curiosities.

The undertakings were not fulfilled, and we had two additional curiosities that went the other way.

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