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The light curve shows a brightness variation of 0.40 0.02 in magnitude.

The development of a rating curve involves two steps.

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The term is usefully employed lớn describe the section of interior wall between the curves of a vault and its springing line.

They are characterised by a distinct red colour, and a light curve that lingers with resurgent brightness in the infrared.

This brightness data is represented as a graph and referred lớn as a star's "light curve".

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Passengers travel down a number of stairwells and through a narrow curved tunnel before descending lớn the north over of the platform.

The furrows that separate the lobes are usually curved, moderately incised, and rarely completely cross the midline.

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Typical instruments were a long straight trumpet "(tuba)", a large curved brass instrument called the "lituus", and a water organ "(organum)".

The skull was long, low, and curved sánh that both extremities were higher than vãn the middle.

The lateral furrows of posterior lobe of glabella can be seen as sets of pits or a narrow straight or slightly curved backward furrow.