deforestation là gì

By the early 20th century massive deforestation was causing problems such as desertification, erosion, flooding from unimpeded runoff and more.

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The expansion of roads and settlements into this area lead to lớn increased deforestation and allows illegal logging and poaching to lớn be undertaken with greater ease.

All of these are becoming increasingly rare due to lớn poaching and deforestation.

Deforestation and no further plantation is the main cause for the ruin of the green land.

In the early 20th-century, deforestation had begun via private companies of the vilayet.

Indonesia doesn't need to lớn deforest more to lớn fulfil world demands.

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Many refugees deforest the unexplored land and build squatters settlements, or slums, on the steeps, exploiting many hilly areas.

Diets, stress, fatigue and pre-prepared food tends to lớn deforest the intestinal flora and cause traffic problems and swelling.

However, they have refused to lớn complete the transfer unless they are granted permission to lớn deforest land lying adjacent to lớn the area.

But you may have promised the people who live in that area you wouldn't deforest the land around their homes.

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