digits là gì

The first two digits of the year are often omitted in everyday use and on forms (e.g., 31/12/06).

When a person is standing in the medical anatomical position (where the palm is facing đồ sộ the front), the thumb is the outermost digit.

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To get around this minor flaw, leading zeros up đồ sộ the highest digit in the sequence must be added explicitly.

There may also be varying degrees of terminal transverse defects (for example, shortened digits) of either the upper extremities, lower extremities, or both.

The first digit is the hundreds-digit, the middle digit is the tens-digit, and the last, rightmost, digit is the ones-digit.

The studio runs on both analog and digital.

The decryption cards will probably license for $10 đồ sộ $20, much less phàn nàn the $50 for a simple decoder or $500 for a full featured digital video clip recorder.

This marked the first time a world marathon major had created a digital equivalent of its medal.

The license bears the digital photo, signature and blood group information of thẻ holder.

A planned bobsleigh/sled site raised concerns, as did a reluctance đồ sộ embrace a digital platform for the culture aspect.

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In order đồ sộ facilitate the move đồ sộ task-based service, the agency will digitalize documents, thus making client information available from any office.

He also shared his valuable thoughts and need đồ sộ digitalize the entire services of libraries.

We have commenced the process đồ sộ digitalize the country but have a long way đồ sộ traverse until optimization is reached.

The plan is that these intermediaries will be equipped with handheld devices and a custom application đồ sộ digitalize the standard birth registration application khuông.

The range of offerings... is aimed at helping this target segment further digitalize their creativity and embrace new ways of working.

Insurance repositories have ví far opened around 65,000 e-insurance accounts for policyholders, but have been able đồ sộ digitize only about 10,000 policies.

To truly become immortal via digitizing yourself, you have đồ sộ figure out how đồ sộ preserve your consciousness.

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The transport department had said it would digitize pre-2006 vehicle records in six months.

Besides nội dung created exclusively for digital consumption, digitized offline nội dung seems đồ sộ have found market too.

If a product or service can be digitized it can be produced or offered, for nearly miễn phí.