dine in là gì

I had the pleasure some years ago of dining with a bishop.

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I never open a paper without seeing that he has lunched here and dined there, and whenever he has a meal he makes a speech.

The result is that dining room chairs are now better phàn nàn they were 15 years ago.

There are also arrangements under which meals are transported from kitchens lớn dining centres.

Why is it that ví few of the members of the kitchen and dining staff are pensionable?

We are giving special attention lớn better welfare accommodation, and lớn such things as staff refreshment rooms, dining room equipment and amenities.

They have been having cosy little dinners and wining and dining their contacts.

The problems of dining facilities have been over-exaggerated, because students are barred from them at mix times.

Certain people were wined and dined in various places before the vote.

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Then there are dining room attendants, who will be employed under conditions which will not be notified lớn them.

They may think that they are just dining for old times' sake with their own comrades.

We need dining rooms, gymnasia and better sanitary facilities, and we need improved security lớn defeat the ingenuity and resources of the determined criminal.

I know that now there are dining rooms where the men have more comfort, and cubicles have been provided.

They were very interested in dining room tables.

I cannot find anything denominational in dining rooms or playing fields, or rooms where doctors examine the children.

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