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A great khuyễn mãi giảm giá of technical information is disseminated, but the tone of the book remains relaxed.

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These scholars rarely consider the opposite-that these writings may not actually be disseminated to lớn the population at large in a manner that is sociopolitically consequential.

Further, one or a few of the foods may have served as a common source of contamination from which the flies disseminated bacteria.

Screening technologies, lượt thích other healthcare technologies, are liable to lớn be rapidly disseminated without full consideration of their harms as well as benefits.

For effective change agency, these accounts should be widely disseminated beyond academic venues.

Thus, through such programmes, think tanks are able to lớn disseminate ideas concerning the state while at the same time enhancing their own credibility.

Decades of nationalism disseminated in public addresses, political newspapers and popular histories gave the objects meaning.

Sanitary health is particularly difficult to lớn maintain, and stakes often become the means for disseminating pests and diseases.

Widely disseminated images and narratives have real effects, regardless of their relationship to lớn the technical details of the scientific work.

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This review focuses on the clinical relevance of new diagnostic approaches for the identification and characterisation of individual breast cancer cells disseminated to lớn bone marrow.

This knowledge was disseminated through the widening realm of print truyền thông from 1850.

These guidelines had been disseminated through professional society publications and communications with members.

Populist strategies for disseminating scientific values clashed with control by academically educated experts.

Admittedly, medical journals are designed to lớn disseminate novel research, not reiterate known risk factors or serve as patient education tools.

Impact of disseminating quality improvement programs for depression in managed primary care : a randomized controlled trial.

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