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Theoretical linguists may wish for a stronger framework or tighter structure, but the book's informal style is more likely đồ sộ attract and educate the public.

It was the students of the new schools who would eventually challenge the regime they were educated đồ sộ protect and maintain.

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An educated father could also positively influence weaning practices, thus limiting the prevalence of diarrhoea.

The distance đồ sộ the desired professional role perception was greater for aged, less educated and economically inactive pharmacy users.

Those least dissatisfied with institutional practices of horizontal accountability were found more often among the elderly or the poorly educated.

There was a general consensus that artists should be better educated.

I Hotline it technical assistance and training courses _ training materials đồ sộ educate grassroots organisations on legislation.

The latter were essential đồ sộ success because, having been favoured by the colonial regime, they dominated the ranks of the educated elite.

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Broadsheets are read by the better educated whose class, income and status may make them less prone đồ sộ political malaise.

Later born generations will also include greater proportions of more highly educated women which may also have repercussions for the marriage market.

They argue persuasively that the spoken language of the educated is heavily influenced by their experience of reading and writing.

For him the liberation of women was fundamental ; they should be không tính phí đồ sộ be educated and đồ sộ secure decently paid work.

And on the other hand, there is a small cadre of educated, scientific sorts who somehow manage đồ sộ rise above this mechanistic cascade.

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The public needs đồ sộ be warned about risks involved in consumption of processed meat products, and educated about proper foodhandling and storage.

It also relied on extension infrastructure and an active farm consulting market đồ sộ educate farmers.

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