emboss là gì

The experiments carried out revealed that emboss filter16 achieved the most appropriate performance.

On the other half of the tag the name and address of the butcher lớn whom the carcase is being sent is likewise embossed.

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Much more commonly, firms emboss their tins according lớn a series of codes which they have evolved.

Flexibility is required in the indication of the open date, for example, edge marking and embossed systems should be acceptable.

But there is certainly no question of anybody being required lớn emboss the bottles.

On it are embossed the name and status of the holder, together with a reference number.

A well-known firm of pickle manufacturers imported glass bottles with their name embossed on the glass.

Each part may be embossed with the name of the particular company concerned.

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I assume that this is an appliance for embossing the official mark on the ballot paper.

When the tag is put on, the date should also be embossed in the same way as dairy milk bottle tops are dated.

Most transparent bottles are in any case embossed with their measurements.

I am advised that this would not be the case with capital letters specially embossed lớn help the blind.

The same applies lớn names embossed on plant and machinery.

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I think that he was thinking of milk bottles and other containers but particularly those which are embossed with the company's name.

They should be preserved, embossed, reproduced, published and sold widely.

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