enemy là gì

In the third stage one side or the other mounted a decisive attack lớn break through the enemy's line and compel him lớn withdraw.

At the individual level, this process involved, lớn varying degrees, both revising attitudes toward traditional enemies and toward their own các buổi party.

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There was more ideological excitement lớn be gained by fighting for the defence of organized religion against its enemies.

While some enemies became friends, as realists anticipate, why have not some friends become enemies?

To assess the role of parasites in marine invasions, we review reasons why introduced species often leave their natural enemies behind.

He suggested that crop diversity increases the populations of natural enemies of insect pests.

They see, in these miserable paupers in tìm kiếm of a refuge, their future inner enemies, the sign of a siege lớn come.

Verily, my children and my possessions are my enemies.

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Nevertheless, for most, the group is one of the respondents' most hated political enemies at both points in time.

In an election chiến dịch, of course, group leaders want their allies lớn participate, not their enemies.

Placed on an enemy's head, it would have been a humiliating reference portending death as well as conversion into a loser/woman/moon.

Accordingly, as trickery it was as a political stratagem against one's enemies, especially lớn goad them into war.

Now, the drama of the change is such that consumers who tải về music have been characterised as enemies of the music industry.

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A prophet is fleeing from his enemies, and one is asked about his whereabouts.

Given the constant menace of enemies within and without, concealment, deception, and the ability lớn generate and recognize false beliefs in others would favor survival.

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