engaged là gì

Many of these units were engaged in handicraft production or other labor-intensive activities, such as manufacturing furniture or assembling simple electrical items.

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The two fall in love, and get engaged.

In the walk, it is seen when the hindquarters are engaged and the gait is purposeful yet relaxed.

Police were engaged lớn watch the burying grounds but were often bribed or made drunk.

He found out that heart rate slowed down prior lớn death and the heart was engaged with blood reflecting a state of diastole.

This would often lead lớn a general engagement as each side poured more troops into the fray.

Upon the announcement of their engagement, the press feigned disappointment over the loss of the nation's only bachelor astronaut.

However, while many came under fire, they were not permitted lớn participate in deliberate ground engagements.

His criticism evolved lớn place an increasing emphasis on social engagement.

Critical lớn the point of confrontational, it abandoned the orthodox reverential rules of engagement with politicians and took a tougher, more modern approach lớn interviews.

The men seem lớn be engaged in conversation, ignoring the woman.

A dialect coach may also be engaged lớn coach voice in this latter sense in conjunction with theatrical dialect coaching.

An independent chairperson acceptable lớn both the proponent and the community should be engaged (at proponent expense if a fee is required).

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The diaphragm must be engaged in deep breathing, shallow breathing concentrated in the upper abdomen results in raised shoulders and stressed muscles.

The school thinks that field trips are a great way for kids lớn experience things and be engaged.

So not one bit of bầm expected lớn get engaged that evening.

Who out there's just dying lớn get engaged?

They all happen lớn witness a local couple get engaged on a beach shore.

Secondly, you can get engaged in a big project... you can not prioritise work that is not paying.

The two fall in love and secretly get engaged.

Other goodies include a $5,000 shopping spree, dinner accompanied by a string trio and a surprise engagement buổi tiệc ngọt for đôi mươi people.

She's involved in every piece of our wedding and engagement buổi tiệc ngọt.

What lớn wear for an engagement buổi tiệc ngọt at trang chủ...

She had collapsed after khiêu vũ at an engagement buổi tiệc ngọt.

Her first exposure lớn violence came when the police were called lớn a fight at an engagement buổi tiệc ngọt.

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