envelope là gì

Between the frame and the envelope and linking the two was a small hemp net.

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The microtubules invade the nuclear region after the nuclear envelope disintegrates, attaching vĩ đại the chromosomes at the kinetochore.

The ballot can be marked through the envelope by the carbon paper.

Prior vĩ đại 1845, hand-made envelopes were all that were available for use, both commercial and domestic.

A sporoplasm packet at the over of the style contains 64 germ cells surrounded by a cellular envelope.

The fruits are enveloped by the enlarged bracts.

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A bright light suddenly enveloped the playing field.

Night was falling and the mountain was enveloped by cloud at the time of the accident.

The new size crossed the red lines and practically enveloped the church.

It uses its broad pectoral fins vĩ đại envelop the target fish before delivering an electric shock vĩ đại stun it.

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