experiment là gì

One way to tát mitigate response bias is to tát use deception to tát prevent the participant from discovering the true hypothesis of the experiment.

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These characteristics make thorium unsuitable in ion-deposition experiments.

The purpose of the flight experiment was to tát demonstrate the performance of the bioreactor in actual mircrogravity.

Experiments in alpha-sarcoglycan deficient dystrophic mice have shown that mesoangioblast transplantation can restore muscle function.

Training experiments have shown the common octopus can distinguish the brightness, size, shape, and horizontal or vertical orientation of objects.

In 2004 season the club experienced financial problems.

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Not all eggs that over up fossilizing experience the death of their embryo beforehand.

The single-player experience will eclipse the beauty, grandeur, and mind-challenging elements of previous titles.

Every stage provides a frame of reference to tát organize and give meaning to tát experience over the individual's life course.

These surfaces are usually exposed above modern sea level when a heavily glaciated area experiences a glacial retreat, causing water levels to tát rise.

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