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...consistently produces high quality work in a timely fashion.

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... luôn luôn tạo nên trở nên trái khoáy việc làm với rất chất lượng và đích thị tiến trình.

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Canons of beauty follow the evolution of fashion and are dependent on the evolution of physical decoration techniques such as hairdressing or làm đẹp.

They gradually went out of fashion in the early 20th-century, as literary styles changed.

The choice of a given name is largely influenced by fashion.

The disadvantage of this is that jets can not thus be defined in an equivariant fashion.

Girls from wealthy families were sent to tướng school to tướng learn embroidery and quilting; fashioning floor rugs and mats was never part of the curriculum.

Many thousands of patterns fed a market hungry for fashionable designs in bright colors.

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He was an amateur magician, and in about 1830 invented the silk braid trim on trouser seams, which became highly fashionable.

The upper floors were converted into fashionable apartments.

However, by the late 19th century, the construction of large houses with landscaped gardens meant that the street became a fashionable residential area.

He is also credited as being responsible for rewriting standard songs and arranging music in a style that later became fashionable as progressive rock.