feudal là gì

When luxury destroyed baronial power, it released the gentry from their feudal dependence and enlarged their power and authority.

The new elite was just as dependent upon the rural sector for its income as was the old feudal elite.

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Its reformist zeal was most evident in the desire to tát abolish pre-capitalist modes of agricultural production symbolised by feudal intermediaries or zamindars.

But strong traditional, and even feudal aspects of their lives remained, as did their isolation in scattered courtyard farms.

All such commentators divided the ' gentle ' from the ' commons ' according to tát formulaic social categories derived from legal and feudal distinctions.

Often the two coincided, with those living together dividing state and feudal burdens among themselves.

He was clearly thinking of aristocratic, feudal and militaristic regimes, in which nobles kept retinues of armed men, flunkeys and attendants.

Such division was often met by those who had held large feudal estates, and by the tribal leaders, with displeasure and opposition.

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The burghers had grown strong in feudal society and wanted a suitable position among the estates.

The designation derives from the ancient feudal system, where the imperial domain name was conceived to tát be one thousand li square.

It is, however, a decisive liên kết that brings speculation into a still feudal world.

The whole question of traditional ' feudal ' tenures and their demise complicates matters enormously.

For example, in feudal society social actions such as trade and craft production were spatially defined as towns that are regarded as locales.

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However, the assessment and collection of revenue was arbitrary and subject to tát the whims of the ruling feudal elite.

B-raha m-s- also has a strong identity as a folk genre which would have aa diluted any association with feudal life.

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