finance là gì

Often, this process is financed through merchant factoring or vendor finance.

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The journal publishes research papers largely focused on economics, corporate finance, and business management.

The firm is active in private equity investment, lending, specialty finance, real estate investment, and securities trading.

As a result, young women had little hesitation in migrating, and their families saved money in order đồ sộ help finance the trip abroad.

Revenue generated by the liquor trade helped finance expansion of gambling in the thành phố.

The students protested at a time when the meet of new members of the association of self-financing engineering college managements was scheduled đồ sộ take place.

The college was established before the concept of the self-financing colleges was introduced in the state.

Moreover, all litigation has đồ sộ be funded somehow, whether via a ngân hàng loan, raising funds from investors or self-financing from existing funds.

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The government is aware of the fact that the student community is not satisfied with the actions of self-financing colleges.

She'd start it up with some funding, then make it self-financing, with the interest on the deposit holdings paying for tenants' membership.

Also, which neutral would be remotely interested in supporting a Government department such as Penjara, Ministry of Finance (MOF), or Felcra?

So the best people đồ sộ give you details of the funding of the project would be the Ministry of Finance...

The Ministry of Finance he said is working đồ sộ secure the balance but the current economic situation was making the realization a Herculean task.

It is in the midst of seeking approval from the Ministry of Finance for a larger allocation đồ sộ invest in property assets.

The USTDA is already working đồ sộ develop a national GIP programme with the Union Ministry of Finance.

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