fine print là gì

The devil of this matter will be in the fine print.

Often, parents cannot see the fine print that their children can see.

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By moving closer, an observer can see the fine print at the bottom of each label.

They include words and phrases such as broke, down payment, advertising, charisma, fine print, input, throughput, memo, nitty-gritty, streamline, backlog, breakthrough, feedback, and format.

Reading the fine print in agricultural contracts: conventional contract clauses, risks and returns.

I want to lớn recommend that you all read the fine print.

We must now seek to lớn respond to lớn the few criticisms made and make a final study of the fine print.

We are discussing the fine print of the charter at this stage.

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One of the interesting features of new clause 9 is its fine print.

Yet in his fine print he admits that most would be excluded.

There is a difference between appointment, nomination and representation, which is spelled out if one looks very closely at the fine print.

It will probably take us some time to lớn appreciate the fine print of the awards and for messages to lớn come back to lớn us about them.

They bởi not go through the fine print of the contract with their landlord—if they get a contract, that is.

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There is a danger that we will be caught up in the fine print, and will lose our anger at the injustice.

It is in the fine print that the real answers to lớn the many questions can be found.

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