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The identity justification will count against the use of this power with respect to tướng identity-constitutive property, though not with regard to tướng fungible property.

She has failed to tướng treat an appropriate fraction of her fungible property as a public trust and to tướng use it to tướng benefit others.

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Here the substantial protection of the identity interest is not likely to tướng be available, since such properties will characteristically be fungible.

Both of these factors are relevant: the loss is great, and, because the property interest is not fungible, money cannot properly trang điểm for it.

If this goal is legitimate at all, the recognition of nonfungibility suggests, it provides far less reason for the compulsory purchase of nonfungible property phàn nàn for that of fungible property.

Like currency, that other newly important way of thinking about value, time as fungible unit of commerce, provided the necessary abstraction to tướng make sense of market exchange.

Brand recognition no longer requires individual practitioner recognition and opens the door for the fungible doctor.

I use the term 'media' mainly to tướng refer to tướng two-dimensional, fungible and superimposable inscriptions such as text, plans, maps, illustrations and sánh on.

Does the reach of state rule through community management suggest the over of culture as an active process of making sense whose direction is not fixed but fungible?

That condition is presumably met in the 60/40 partnership example above, if we assume the partners' only contributions are (fungible) cash, which is receiving a marginal (competitive) return.

I have learned much from the debate, not least the meaning of the term "fungible".

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That handling of tax credit on the basis that they are fungible with the employee's tax is fundamental to tướng the administration of employer payments.

It is a fungible asset, which can be sent back down the wires with no deterioration in quality.

Depending on whether the interests of the aggrieved tiệc ngọt are fungible (a determination made by the trier of fact) the appropriate remedy may change.



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It is fungible, with a low spread between the prices to tướng buy and sell.


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